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SPERMY Bottle Opener

$14.99 / On Sale

SPERMY is the creation of one man with the hopes of not only introducing another bottle opener to the EDC community, but one that finally doesn't take itself so seriously. With all the tactical multi tools out there and the "impact devices" I figured it would be nice to get back to something fun. Something that can be laughed at, made in to a joke, or just a great conversation starter. Something simple; a keychain bottle opener. These are all stonewash finished with no eyes. Very simple versions.


Overall Length - 3"
Thickness - 1/4"
Keychain Hole - 1/8"

Features include, but not limited to:

1) Bottle Opener
2) Light-Duty Prybar
3) Conversation Starter
4) Openings For Dad-Jokes