Here you can find a good number of my most recent creations. I hope you enjoy looking through them and watching my skills evolve. The pictures are listed starting with the most recent blades and ending with some of the oldest.

My personal EDC blade in CPM-20CV with shredded cash bolsters and carbon fiber scales. Two-tone acidwash and satin finish for the wharncliffe blade.

This is my karambit inspired multi tool called The BeerRambit. It evolved from a simpler design but the idea remained the same; something safe you could spin like a karambit that could also be a useful impact device for hammerfist strikes. Made is stainless steel or titanium.

A modern oTanto in A2 tool steel with a reinforced, compound ground, tip. Black G10 scales on red liners with an acidwash finish.

Here you can see the convex tip as it thickens up.

Here is the scaled down micro version of my BeerRambit multi tool in stainless steel.

Here is the original design, first gen, BeerRambit in stainless steel.

SPERMY is a dorky little bottle opener I make in brass, copper, titanium, and pretty much anything.

Keeping with the karambit theme I made The Flippin' Spinner; a fidget spinner you could flip as well as spin.

This is another knife with the shredded cash scales, blue CTek bolsters.

Another wharncliffe design in 20CV, this time with copper infused bolsters and standard CF scales.

A2 BeerRambit Karambit Multi Tool in A2 tool steel

CPM-20CV minimalist WharnPoon

CPM-20CV minimalist E.D.C.C neck knife

Matching 20CV KwaiDashi with minimalist wraps

A2 E.D.C.C. with glow in the dark carbon fiber scales and CTek bolsters

A2 E.D.C.C. with removable G10 scales

A2 WharnPoon with G10 scales

Custom ordered leather skivving knives in thin A2 steel ground to a zero edge with polished micarta scales.

A2 BeerRambit Karambit with carbon fiber scales in a hawkbill with acidwash finish.

Another A2 BeerRambit Karambit in a Razel grind with acidwash finish.

A2 Tuxedo E.D.C.C. with titanium bolsters and carbon fiber scales.

Knife pendant/dabber in Gr2 Titanium with real carbon fiber scales and an anodized finish.

CPM-20CV KwaiDashi with G10 scales and acidwash finish.

Handmade S35VN CampToku with copper infused carbon fiber handles and a hand rubbed satin finish.

Handmade WARncliffe dressed up with front and rear stainless bolsters and carbon fiber scales. Hand rubbed blade is A2 tool steel.

CPM-S90V prototype KwaiDashi with blue CTek scales and acidwash finish.

Handmade friction folder in 1095 and cherry wood with hammered brass lanyard bead and hand rubbed blade finish.

A2 mini WARncliffe with carbon fiber scales and custom/requested etching.

A2 tool steel E.D.C.C. with glow in the dark carbon fiber scales and acidwash finish.

Handmade 1095 large E.D.C.C. with red carbon fiber scales.

CPM-S90V hollow ground EDC Razor with acidwash finish and gnapping.

Matching handmade A2 tool steel E.D.C.C. with cherry handles and acidwash finish.

This is a BeerRambit Karambit knife in 6al4v Titanium making it rust proof.

This is an older KwaiDashi in simple micarta and A2 steel.

This is a one-off custom in CPM-S90V with carbon fiber handle and cherry wood bolsters.

This is a friction folder I made in CPM-154 and Carbon Fiber handle scales with a blue anodized titanium backspacer.