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Custom PocketPoon Mini EDC Blade AEBL

$185.00 / Sold Out


These are a slightly customized version of the standard Pocket Poon as they have shadowboxed hybrid wood scales made from DerangedDonkey. One has a satin stonewash finish and the other a darkened acidwash finish. Only 1 of each!

This is a new design made for in pocket carry. A tiny little knife that still packs a huge punch and most importantly one that feels good in the hand. A lot of micro/mini blades are a chore to hold comfortably and I think this one really makes it a joy to use a small blade. The name comes from the harpoon swedge grind up top and is a funny take on the matter. The full flat ground V blade will surely please as it's a very usable and traditional blade shape unlike my usual wharncliffe. The AEBL steel is incredibly rust resistant and takes an immaculate edge that is very easy to maintain and resharpen. Comes with a kydex sheath and ULTIclip for super secure in pocket or in the waistband carry.

Specs -

Steel: AEBL
Hardness: 60rc + cryo
OAL: 5"
Blade Length: 2.25"
Cutting Edge: 2"
Handle Length: 2.75"
Thickness: 0.15"
Weight: ~2.05oz
Total Weight: 4.82oz