I started my venture in knife making as a customer and collector of a huge variety of high end knives and cutlery. It got so bad that my interest simply couldn't be quelled with new purchases... I had to make something. Fast forward a bit and I made my first knife with a hand file, hacksaw, and some sandpaper. Surprisingly enough turned out very well, still holds up to this day, and people had become quite impressed with my hidden talent. Since then I have upgraded my shop with professional knife grinders and drill presses all from the small profits saved from my shop work. Despite having these new tools I still try to keep the handmade influence by not using any guides or jigs for my grinding. Everything I do is by eye and by hand. Now I've started making every day carry tools such as the BeerRambit for those who may not be able to carry a knife but still want a useful and fun tool. It's been getting a lot of attention, and the work gets better and better with each piece I finish. I'd very much like to keep this going and work doing something I love to do like knife and tool making. After years of working different industries and different dead end jobs I always said if I found something I love to do, I will hold on to it forever. This is my chance!

Having moved to Lake County and the forests of Northern California have heavily influenced my material choices and quality of blades I release. Spending time working as a ranch hand, on the vine, and forestry work have taught me what holds up; and what doesn't when it comes to hard use tools. Considering the only ones I choose to work with now are of my own creation... I think that says a lot about how tough my blades are. 

Some of the people who've inspired me in knifemaking and my designs were Aaron Gough with Gough Customs, Ken Onion, Michal Gavak with Gavko knives was a big one as well as Geoff with Tuff Knives, Chris Reeve, Walter Sorrels, and Rick Hinderer. Huge fans of them when I was a customer and even bigger fans of them now. People like Aaron, Michal, and Walter I owe the most to as they provided me with a world of knowledge to use while pursuing this dream.